Underpass on Calle 94, Bogotá

The underpass on Calle 94 is the most sophisticated road interconnector in Bogotá, made up of roads and subways that has more than 6 kilometers of construction, and around 30,000 square meters of public space. Since the day of its inauguration, public works have improved travel times on Calle 94 with NQS Avenue. This project has 18 connections through which around 9,000 cars circulate at rush hour daily.

This project comprises two elevated structures to cross Carrera 30, which are located on 94th and 98th streets. In a huge structure located on the western side, there is a four-story high water pumping plant that allows evacuation of rainwater. The construction of the mega-work included 1.6 kilometers of bicycle paths that border the road interconnector and has a connection with the surrounding areas.

Client: IDU