Transversal del Sisga, Boyacá

The purpose of the Transversal del Sisga concession is to rehabilitate the road corridor from the Sisga dam in Cundinamarca to the municipality of Agua Clara in Casanare, with a total length of 137 kilometers that run through the municipalities of Machetá, Guateque, Macanal, Santa María, San Luis de Gaceno, El Secreto and Agua Clara.

It is one of the ANI’s Fourth Generation Concessions projects and its intention is to have an alternative route to the main one from Bogotá to the eastern plains, whose design allows the transit of heavy vehicles without problems. This rehabilitation is expected to reduce travel time and at the same time positively affect the inhabitants of the sector and areas of influence: Chocontá, Tibiritá, Tenza, Garagoa and Somondoco.