Transversal del Cusiana, Casanare

The plan of the Transversal del Cusiana is to connect the municipalities of Sogamoso and Aguazul, between the departments of Boyacá and Casanare. It begins at kilometer 16 of the site called El Crucero on the way to Sogamoso in Boyacá, crossing the municipality of Pajarito in Boyacá and culminating in the municipality of Aguazul in Casanare. Due to the conditions from the geometric design and the location of the paths, the analysis was divided into two sections: El Crucero-Pajarito and Pajarito-Aguazul.

This project aims to improve the existing corridor and basically consists in the completion of the 384-meter-long La Granja bridge, including approaches, attention to critical sites, improvement of the road and paving in asphalt concrete 15 kilometers. This corridor, which is part of the competitiveness projects promoted by the central government, has 900 meters of confining walls, 380 reinforced concrete piles of 1.20 meters in diameter and an average depth of 18 meters.

The construction audit is in charge of the consortium made up of SAITEC and JOYCO.