Transmilenio on Avenida 68

Transmilenio along Avenida 68 will be the longest mainline of the transportation system. There will be 17 kilometers of exclusive lanes for BRT that will cross the city between Autopista Sur and Calle 100 with Carrera 7 moving 33,000 passengers hourly.

JOYCO joined with Consultécnicos will ensure the quality of the works, as winners of the construction audit of the lot number 3, whose construction covers from Avenida Américas to Avenida Centenario in the city of Bogotá. This contract has an official budget of COP $ 29,155,894,332 and has to be executed over a total of 116 months, which will comprise the stages of pre-construction, construction and maintenance.

With the execution of this project, it is expected that JOYCO will continue to make a difference, generating confidence in the sector and positively transforming its environment.