Road Cisneros-Loboguerrero, Valle del Cauca

The CJ road consortium formed by Consultécnicos and JOYCO audits the construction of a missing section of the dual carriageway in the Cisneros-Loboguerrero section. This is part of the Bogotá-Buenaventura road corridor on route 40, section 4, of the National highway with a total length of 2 kilometers. The purpose of this work is to


Underpass on Calle 94, Bogotá

The underpass on Calle 94 is the most sophisticated road interconnector in Bogotá, made up of roads and subways that has more than 6 kilometers of construction, and around 30,000 square meters of public space. Since the day of its inauguration, public works have improved travel times on Calle 94 with NQS Avenue. This project


Marginal de la Selva

JOYCO and Consultécnicos are in charge of the phase 2 of the Marginal de la Selva project. The intervention takes place in the departments of Caquetá, Meta and Guaviare. The construction was carried out prioritizing 11 bridges, 3 of which are large bridges built using successive segments whose lengths are 200, 110 and 140 m