Specialized Technical Consulting

Audit and Management of Construction Works

The objective is to ensure the quality of the works, monitor that the contractual goals are met, the impact is mitigated, the legal requirements of the contract are met and the interaction between contractors is harmonized.

The aspects that we work in the Audits are administrative, technical, legal, economic, environmental, social, property, and quality assurance.

Engineering Design and Studies, Field Surveying and Mapping

  • Preparation of digital cartography for:
    • Planning and programming of projects
    • Visual inspection of work progress
  • Topography and cartography
  • Soil control, water quality, hydrobiology communities, air or atmospheric quality, vegetation, fauna, etc.
  • Analysis and statistical elaboration of resistance tests of physical and mechanical conditions of soils and aggregates.

Environmental and Social Management

We carry out the planning and execution of environmental management measures in infrastructure projects during their useful life cycle.

We manage procedures, permits and licenses and make prior consultations.

On-Site Audit

We carry out the technical and periodic diagnosis in order to control the projects and facilitate the identification and treatment of risks, support and shield the construction and decision-making processes.

Value Engineering in Times and Costs

We carry out a multi-criteria analysis focused on reducing execution times and/or costs, which in turn affect performance and quality indicators.

Contract Management

We monitor and control compliance with contractual obligations. Management of disputes. We identify risks and opportunities in order to optimize the project objectives.

Expert Advice

We make a report of the state of a work or a project. The information is assessed by experienced, trained and specialized technicians.

Independent Engineering

We inspect and control the resources that are invested for the project development obtaining accurate information and in the right times under the FIDIC methodology (International Federation of Consulting Engineers).

Due Diligence

Analysis of the state of the works that are being executed maintaining control and identifying the risks and critical points. At the same time analyzing the economic, technical and administrative documentation of each project.