Soil and Pavement Laboratory

At JOYCO we have a seven-year-experienced laboratory that provides testing services in the audit activities of road construction projects. We have an entire new set of technical equipment for testing in soils, aggregates, concrete and asphalt mixtures, all which are under the guidelines of the INVIAS 2013 standards.

Our main motto is to offer our clients reliability, confidentiality and objectivity in the analysis of the results of the samples and quality control during the process.

As of November 9th 2018, the Bogotá headquarters laboratory (Carrera 28 B #75 – 82) was accredited by ONAC with the code 18-LAB-005, which are under the requirements specified in the ISO/IEC standard 17025: 2005.

Specialized Studies

  • Reflectivity (Vertical/Horizontal)
  • IRI measurement
  • Slip Resistance Measurement
  • Rutting
  • Fissures (Visual Inspection)
List of Tests
Lab Accreditation Certificate