Road Salamina – Fundación, Magdalena

The objective of this project is paving 18 kilometers of track and the construction of the Martinica bridge, as well as the maintenance of an additional 60 kilometers of road. Its main use is the transport of cargo, parcels and passengers between the Port of Barranquilla and the center of the country, for this reason it is decisive in improving mobility and competitiveness in northern Colombia.

With the start-up and execution of this work, some 100,000 people benefit in the municipalities of Salamina, Pivijay and Fundación, thanks to the interconnection of part of Ruta del Sol III with the Prosperidad highway in the Palermo-Salamina-Plato section. The intermodal link of the Santa Marta-Bosconia-Valledupar corridor with the Magdalena river will also be optimized through the Port of the municipality of Salamina, department of Magdalena, with Puerto Giraldo, department of Atlántico, and the road to Barranquilla. With this project, the decrease in the costs of vehicular operation of cargo and passengers is affected, with a time of 35 minutes of travel between the Foundation and Salamina, offering residents access to hospital, educational and commercial care centers, and favors the agricultural, livestock and poultry trade.

The construction audit is in charge of the consortium formed by SAITEC and JOYCO.