Road Network Management and Conservation – SITP

Some of the activities that JOYCO carries out in its role as Auditor are ensuring the quality of the works and that the contractual goals are met, mitigating their impact, complying with the legal requirements of the contract and harmonizing the interaction between contractors.

On this occasion, JOYCO was awarded the audit for the road network conservation that supports the routes of the integrated public transport system – SITP in Bogotá D.C. This project is part of the “Program for the road network conservation and associated public space for the city of Bogotá 2019” promoted by the Institute of Urban Development – IDU.

Within this project is contemplated the supervision of the rehabilitation and periodic maintenance activities of the road corridors in six locations in Bogotá D.C. for a value of COP $ 1,327,482,947 for a duration of 11 months.

JOYCO remains committed to the development of the country, executing projects with high quality in infrastructure.