Road Management in the Department of Nariño

The end of year 2019 had excellent news, the CJ 2019 consortium, comprised by JOYCO and Consultécnicos was awarded the management of the PAR VIAL ALTO DE DAZA ROUTE 25NRE project. This management consists of technical financial, administrative, legal, social, property and environmental in the update and/or complementation of studies and designs. The task in hand is for the improvement of the road and the completion of the Bermúdez bridge, in the Department of Nariño, with an official budget of COP $ 1,875,568,132 to be executed in 12 months.

This is a strategic project for the connectivity of the Department of Nariño since it will allow the reduction of transport operation costs and travel times, which will positively impact the socio-economic development of the region and will benefit approximately 469,000 inhabitants located in the City of Pasto and in the Municipality of Chachagüí in the Department of Nariño.

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