Road Management in Casanare

The project development includes routine maintenance activities and the management of road maintenance in the Sogamoso-Aguazul and Monterrey-Yopal sections. INVIAS Territorial Casanare is in charge of the El Crucero-Aguazul sections and the national passage through the municipality of Yopal.

This preventive work deals with routine and permanent maintenance along the road. The main objective is the preservation of all elements of the road infrastructure with the minimum amount of damage and the preservation of the conditions immediately following its construction or improvement. Therefore, the road management specifically consists of managing the localized repair of small defects on the running surface. It also includes the regular maintenance of drainage systems, side slopes, edges and other accessory elements of the tracks. In the control of vegetation includes cleaning of rest areas and signaling devices. The program seeks to visibly optimize road infrastructure, emergency care, auditing of contracts assigned by the Territorial Directorate, ordering for the execution of works through the permanent presence of engineers on the road for control, diagnosis and prevention.