Road Granada – San Carlos, Antioquia

The project management is in charge of the consortium formed by Sondeos Estructuras y Geotecnia and JOYCO (SEG-JOYCO), in order to pave 6 kilometers of the corridor that connects the municipalities of Granada and San Carlos. This area of eastern Antioquia, which needed access to the Medellín-Bogotá highway, through which a large part of the cargo and passenger go to the capital of the country, will experience the reduction of the travel time in about 35 minutes. The work has become the symbol of collective reparation of the territory, after the violence that plagued this region and generated the greatest displacement of the area’s memory, which will generate positive impacts at the social level. In addition, with the brief and safe transportation time, economic development will be forged especially in the tourist sector thanks to the natural water scene of the reservoirs very attractive for visitors.