Recognition to Juan Vicente Moreno Gutiérrez

JOYCO wants to thank Juan Vicente Moreno Gutiérrez for the work he has done as a Laboratory Worker for the past 25 years.

On April 30th, Juan Vicente left the organization culminating his working life. JOYCO congratulates him for his entrepreneurial character, responsibility and his high level of commitment to the company, family and colleagues.

We praise your dedication and contribution to the growth of the company. His last years were dedicated to conducting tests in the recently accredited JOYCO laboratory.

“My first position was as a laboratory technician in the El Caimo-Club Campestre variant project in Calarcá, Quindío, where I worked with Dr. José Joaquín Ortiz Suárez. With him I learned a lot, not only in terms of job performance, but also in human relations. I feel that the company has given me everything: experience, professional training, specialization in works control as an inspector and in the functions of a laboratory technician with samples.

I am from Cáqueza, of peasant origin and I was able to raise my two children: one is a civil engineer and the other is a graduate in agricultural production. When I am old, I would like to live in a place that reminds me of childhood, read Gabriel García Márquez and listen to the music of the llanera harp”.