Raised Round Point Calle Sexta, Bogotá

This mega-project included the adaptation of 1.6 kilometers of 6th street between the NQS and Caracas avenues as well as the construction of two new stations, one on Carrera 18 and the other on Carrera 27, which are for the exclusive use of Transmilenio’s articulated buses. Beneath the round point are a mixed-use vehicular bridge and leveled roadways. The gazebo is the tallest bridge in the city and joins in height the so-called Zero Point and the La Aguacatala highway interchange in Medellín, which are also third tier roadways.

This project helped to alleviate the stations of Caracas Avenue as it becomes an alternative for passengers because they have been able to take a faster route such as the NQS Avenue. At the time of its inauguration in 2015, around 65,000 passengers were expected to pass through the gazebo during peak hours.

Client: IDU