Project in Progress

JOYCO has recently been hired by loss adjusters to supply one of the services provided by the company which is “Value engineering in times and costs”, in order to carry out consulting and technical support in determining the scope of damages, the estimation of costs for the completion, repair and/or replacement of works and equipment in the Hidroituango hydroelectric project.

The work team is made up of specialists in costs and geographic information systems, among others.

The project is located in western Colombia, in the department of Antioquia, about 170 kilometers from Medellín, in the municipalities of Briceño, Ituango and Toledo. Hidroituango is a dam 225 meters high, 20 million m3 in volume and a ridge of 550 meters long. The powerhouse would have installed eight turbines capable of generating 2,400 MW and 13,930 GWh on average annually. (Official information from Hidroeléctrica Ituango).