Pedestrian Bridges, Bogotá

The audit contract for the conservation of pedestrian bridges for the Urban Development Institute (IDU) includes superstructure, substructure and access to the pedestrian bridges on Paseo de los Libertadores avenue (North highway), Medellín avenue (Calle 80) and avenue Jorge Eliécer Gaitán (Calle 26).

Routine interventions consist of minor jobs like cleaning, painting, and guardrail maintenance. Corrective interventions involve fixing failures or deterioration such as repairing rails, total or partial change of bridge decks, or maintenance of expansion joints.

With this maintenance project of pedestrian bridges, the aim is to optimize its efficiency of service. That is why is necessary to strengthen the execution of activities for the conservation of physical infrastructure in a preventive and corrective nature that guarantee its appropriate physical conditions. Cyclists, pedestrians and people with disabilities who transit through these areas will perceive an increase in their quality of life and safety.