During the month of September, JOYCO has been granted together with SAITEC and SEG, the construction audit of the project Ruta del Sol Sector II between Puerto Araújo and San Alberto in the department of Santander. This project consists in the continuation of construction, improvement, rehabilitation, maintenance, as well social, property and environmental management of the Magdalena main highway. This is one of the most important road corridors in the country, since it allows land communication between Bogotá D.C. and other cities in the interior of the country, as well the port cities at the Caribbean Coast such as Santa Marta, Barranquilla, Cartagena, Valledupar and Riohacha. We in JOYCO, as we have done for 40 years, will work with the high-quality that characterizes us and will contribute to the development of the road infrastructure of our country.