Joyco Present at the National Airport Meeting Held in Bogotá

The airport concession contracts are in a maturation phase, several of them are even in their final phase. There are several lessons to improve in the following projects, but also thanks to the model we are talking today about social transformation, such as the case of the airport at Quibdó which has a library, a cinema and a shopping center.

  • There is an important growth in the number of passengers, in 2005 there were 12 million passengers a year and in 2018 it closed with nearly 60 million.
  • The 2030 strategic plan of the Civil Aeronautics Authority aims to reach 100 million passengers a year, making investments of 3.8 trillion Colombian pesos in regional airports.
  • Between 2016 and 2018, the aeronautical authority approved 70 new routes, improving connectivity between cities.
  • The new airport projects are:
    1. Expansion of the Cartagena airport. Capex US 358 MM.
    2. New Cartagena airport. US 600 MM.
    3. Bogotá airport system – SAB 2050. Capex US 3,200 MM.
    4. Southwest airports (Cali, Buenaventura, Armenia, Ibagué, Neiva). Capex US 883 MM.
    5. San Andrés and Providencia Airport. US 79 MM.
    6. Del Café Airport. Capex US 411.7 MM.