Joyco Grows Sustainable and Profitable

On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, JOYCO began a process of strengthening its Corporate Governance in 2018. We have taken actions that aim to achieve JOYCO’s central objectives, guaranteeing that the company continues to be a profitable entity that grows in sustainable way and that maintains its organizational culture. Shareholders understand that their role as owners is primarily to protect the founders’ legacy and pass it strengthened on to the next generation. This is why that JOYCO SAS General Shareholders’ Assembly has appointed José Joaquín Ortiz García, who was JOYCO’s General Manager since January 2008, as Chairman of its Board of Directors. The Assembly also appointed Javier Gustavo Carrasco Tovar as the new General Manager, as of 1 March 2020.

The new General Manager Javier Gustavo is a civil engineer from Javeriana University, with experience in project management. In his 18 years of professional experience, he has participated in projects related to different sectors such as road infrastructure, buildings, basic sanitation, transportation, industry, environment and education. Among the most relevant projects are the dual roadway in the Bogotá – Villavicencio highway, the Prosperity Expressways, Concessions of Ruta del Sol sections 2 and 3, the mass transportation system in Hanoi (Vietnam), the wastewater treatment plant of Bucaramanga and Piedecuesta, the Jamundí Prison building, construction of Transmilenio Calle 13 and Av. Américas, and in the design of educational establishments at the national level, among others. He has been associated with JOYCO since mid-2016, occupying management positions in successful 20 projects, which have allowed the company to increase its portfolio of services in technical expertise, due diligence, independent engineering and specialized consulting.

We wish Javier Gustavo the best in his new managing role and we are confident that he will meet the expectations of sustainable growth, profitability and organizational culture of the company.