Joyco creates a new Research and Engineering Center

The company is committed to the centralization of studies and field work that are required for the execution of infrastructure, energy, agro-industry, hydrocarbon, water and basic sanitation projects.

Joyco, the civil works expert consulting company, which has been recognized in recent years as one of the most important auditing firms in the country, launched its new Research and Engineering Center (REC) on Tuesday.

The objective of the company is to offer in a single place the realization of the studies and field work for the recognition of the areas where the infrastructure, energy, agro-industry, hydrocarbon, water and basic sanitation projects are located; as well as the preparation of the required tests at the time of undertaking any initiative.

Thus, the work of the REC is framed in topographic surveys, soil studies, granular materials and pavements, concrete, road inventories, inspection of structures, among others.

“A proper recognition and characterization of the conditions of the land and of existing works will reduce the uncertainties that arise in the execution of designs; likewise, an adequate control over the quality of materials will guarantee the useful life of the projects that are put into service ”, affirmed Javier Carrasco, general manager of Joyco.

Similarly, from this moment on, Joyco will provide through its Research and Engineering Center the services of its accredited soil and pavement laboratory, which currently has 26 certified tests of soils and aggregates, asphalt and concrete mixtures; eight additional trials and will soon implement nine additional ones that complement each other.

Finally, Carrasco also mentioned that “in our Research and Engineering Center you will find in one place all the necessary field work that allows minimizing the risks in infrastructure projects”.