Joyco Continues Contributing to the Management of Assets in Road Infrastructure

Some of the most outstanding and important roles that a road manager plays are actively participate in the prevention of risks and emergencies, timely alert on the need to design and build special works to mitigate instability at critical points, plan, coordinate and control routine maintenance activities, update road maintenance costs, timely report on the need to design works to take necessary actions in relation to the road environment, contribute to the preservation of the environment, update the general diagnosis of the state of the road and be the direct collaborator of the territorial director.

Since 2011 JOYCO has been manager in six road contracts in the country with contracts totaling more than COP $ 6,000,000,000 and lasting 23 months on average in the departments of Boyacá, Antioquia, Cauca, Casanare, Norte de Santander and Meta.

JOYCO is pleased to share the grant of its seventh National Highway Administration contract in the department of Meta for the National Highway Institute (INVIAS) for a duration of six months.