Joyco: an action with social responsibility

The organization delivered a house to the John Dewey College of Calarcá for the development of its special rehabilitation program.

Committed to the transformation of the country and the implementation of actions with social responsibility, Joyco delivered a house, which had been used in the project to Cordillera Central crossing, to the John Dewey College of Calarcá for the development of its special program of rehabilitation.

“Our reason for being includes bringing well-being to the people who benefit from the projects in which we participate. It is a pleasure to be able to offer our “camp over the tunnel mouth” to the John Dewey school for the good use that they will give it in the formation of young people in Calarcá, ”said José Joaquín Ortiz, chairman of the Board of Joyco.

The house is made of tin and has two floors, each one has an area of ​​67.5 m2, for a total area of ​​135 m2. Likewise, it was delivered and installed with electrical and data networks.

“We are very grateful. The house will be used to support young people in rehabilitation, which is part of special extracurricular activities of the school. This is a blessing and is for good use with young people,” said Fernando Bermúdez, director of John Dewey College .

Finally, Javier Carrasco, manager of Joyco, said: “we are handing over this house to the John Dewey School in Calarcá with the purpose of contributing to the education and training of leaders with whom we can build a better future.”