Cordillera Central Crossing

JOYCO is part of the group of companies in charge of the intervention in the completion of the La Línea tunnel and the second road between Calarcá and Cajamarca, in the departments of Tolima and Quindío. JOYCO was hired by the Instituto Nacional de Vías INVIAS, in conjunction with R&Q de Chile and SAITEC from Spain.

The purpose of this mega-project is to facilitate traffic on National Route 40, one of Colombia’s crossroads, which links Bogotá with the coffee axis, the city of Cali and the port of Buenaventura next to the Pacific Ocean. These connections will generate new income in commerce, agricultural and tourist sectors, while benefiting people who frequent these roads, opening new ones and reducing travel times, operating costs and accident rates.

The crossing of the Central mountain range is made up of the main tunnel with a length of 8.6 kilometers, which is complemented by another 20 tunnels and 24 bridges, for a total of 29.53 kilometers from Calarcá to Cajamarca. The execution development is divided into three modules: the main tunnel, the second Tolima road and the second Quindío road.