Construction Audit of the Manizales Road Exchanger

The Carola interchange project contemplates an elevated roundabout of 75 meters in diameter, which purpose is to solve the mobility of the city on Kevin Ángel Avenue, offering accesses and entrances from there to the Carola neighborhood by an uninterrupted vehicular flow and without traffic lights.

This work is divided into two parts: a roundabout and a bridge. The first corresponds to an elevated structure of 96.6 meters in length with spans between supports of 32 meters on average, for a raised roundabout with an internal diameter of 50 meters, three lanes of 3.50 meters each, external platforms of 2 meters and an internal protection barrier of 0.75 meters. Secondly, the bridge over the Olivares gorge, parallel to the two existing on Kevin Ángel Avenue, which is essential for the proper functioning of the roundabout and for the incorporation of vehicular flow into the avenue.

The work was carried out by the La Carola JHA consortium for a total value of COP 31 billion over a period of 22 months.