Audit and Management of Construction Works

Audit of the Integrated Public Transportation System SITP, Bogotá

This contract of the Consortium J&S Interventoría de Transporte, including SCAIN and JOYCO, carried out the audit of the mass transport concession contracts in its main highway, zonal and transportation feed components, in the technical, operational, security, environmental, financial and legal areas. In this sense, the operating performance of the concessions was monitored and analyzed


Raised Round Point Calle Sexta, Bogotá

This mega-project included the adaptation of 1.6 kilometers of 6th street between the NQS and Caracas avenues as well as the construction of two new stations, one on Carrera 18 and the other on Carrera 27, which are for the exclusive use of Transmilenio’s articulated buses. Beneath the round point are a mixed-use vehicular bridge


Highway Pereira – La Victoria

The construction audit was carried out in the operation and maintenance of the concession of the highway Pereira – La Victoria, which had a total length of 54.49 km in double carriageway. We also participated in tolls and toll stations surveillance which were controlled through video, specialized software and system audits. This control was for