Road Cisneros-Loboguerrero, Valle del Cauca

The CJ road consortium formed by Consultécnicos and JOYCO audits the construction of a missing section of the dual carriageway in the Cisneros-Loboguerrero section. This is part of the Bogotá-Buenaventura road corridor on route 40, section 4, of the National highway with a total length of 2 kilometers. The purpose of this work is to


Transversal del Cusiana, Casanare

The plan of the Transversal del Cusiana is to connect the municipalities of Sogamoso and Aguazul, between the departments of Boyacá and Casanare. It begins at kilometer 16 of the site called El Crucero on the way to Sogamoso in Boyacá, crossing the municipality of Pajarito in Boyacá and culminating in the municipality of Aguazul