Audit of the Integrated Public Transportation System SITP, Bogotá

This contract of the Consortium J&S Interventoría de Transporte, including SCAIN and JOYCO, carried out the audit of the mass transport concession contracts in its main highway, zonal and transportation feed components, in the technical, operational, security, environmental, financial and legal areas. In this sense, the operating performance of the concessions was monitored and analyzed through audits and own supervisory tasks. The audits include among others, physical inspections of each of the vehicles presented by the dealers for their connection to the System, checking compliance with the characteristics and minimum endowments required, legal monitoring of concession contracts, verification of the permanent and continuous training program aimed at drivers, and technical and operational personnel. These training programs include traffic regulations, customer service, maneuverability of transportation equipment, communications, operation, security, and contingency plans.

The tasks are aimed to guarantee the operation and comprehensive management of the SITP within the framework of the principles of quality, opportunity, efficiency and effectiveness within the operating standards defined by Transmilenio.

Client: Transmilenio