About us

About us

We are a company with more than 40 years of experience and considered a national benchmark by different institutions supporting the development and progress of the country.

We do infrastructure consulting with integrity, quality, technical expertise and leadership.

We build trust and positively transform our environment.

We have a comprehensive management system supported by the following certifications:

Our Values

  • We satisfy the needs of our clients
  • Regardless of the circumstances, we always speak the truth
  • We work for sustainable development. With each work that we carry out, we seek a positive impact on society
  • We promote the personal and professional development of our collaborators

Our Offices

The Bogotá headquarters houses all the administrative, commercial, technical, property, social and environmental personnel, as well as QHSE and TICS. The headquarters also harbors professionals oriented towards logistics, accounting and talent. The space is supervised and shared by the general management, operations management and commercial management. All these teams work together to ensure the optimal operation of the company, ensuring the well-being and benefits of all those who make each of the projects we execute possible.


Our Clients