For 40 years JOYCO has contributed to the development of the country in different areas of engineering, giving effective solutions and proposing innovative ideas in addition of benefiting the neighboring communities where it has carried out its activity.

“Transformation, progress and well-being with high-quality infrastructure” is the business purpose of JOYCO, a Colombian organization that today has successfully supervised more than 200 projects nationwide, being a benchmark for different entities in the development and advancement of the country. JOYCO was also selected as one of the 22 winning SMEs in the engineering sector in 2017.

JOYCO is supported by values ​​such as:

Commitment: good attitude in the supervision and control of the construction works in the current projects.

Honesty: transparency in the negotiation, management and completion of contracts, as well as within the organization.

Responsibility: customer service and support to requirements in a comprehensive and purposeful way, with a vision of the future.

JOYCO is currently supervising important projects such as:

  • Crossing of the Cordillera Central, La Línea tunnel
  • Transversal del Sisga, Cundinamarca
  • Carola road exchanger, Caldas
  • Transversal del Cusiana, Casanera
  • Road Salamina – Fundación, Magdalena
  • Road Granada – San Carlos, Antioquia
  • Road El Pacer – El Paraíso, Valle del Cauca
  • Road Cisneros – Loboguerrero, Valle del Cauca
  • Casanare Road Management, Casanare
  • Ruta del Sol road sector II, Santander

As part of the programs of innovation at JOYCO, its Human Talent area has implemented a world-trend policies such as telework, workspace, conscious leadership and in 2018 it incorporated the Knowledge Management.

This consolidates the JOYCO culture as a company focused on excellence and inspires its collaborators to elevate their category worldwide, adopting the necessary attitudes of a 21st century society.